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Applied Music Sessions

Experience the RCS Difference!

Image by Milad Fakurian

17+ years experience serving students with a wide variety of support needs, disabilities & cultural experiences! We use what we know about the brain & body to help you thrive! You'll benefit from our experience not only in music, but in delivering quality, adaptive & accessible instruction!

10% Discount Purple

We offer discounts on music packages! You have 365 days to use the package. Want to change plans? No problem! Can siblings use the package together? Sure! You can use the remaining amount of your package on any of our music lessons or use for a sibling! Discounts for current students on masterclasses & events.

Organizing the Calendar

We know you have a lot to juggle! No longer are you trapped in monthly tuition plans where you lose out if you can't make a lesson! Schedule without having to contact the instructor & don't feel guilty if your plans have to change!

Image by Andrew Neel

Travelling on family vacation? Not located in our area? In a living situation where you move between homes? Military family changing stations? No matter the situation, we have you covered! Offering remote lessons globally since 2015, you can keep up your studies no matter where you are!

Discovery Lesson (New Students)
30-Minute Lesson (Returning Students)
45-Minute Lesson (Returning Students)
Music Exploration/Adaptive Music (Returning Students)
Lesson Package A ($600 in lessons @10% discount)
Lesson Package B ($400 lessons at 5% discount)


Not sure where to start? Send us an email!

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