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Lia Saves Mateo From Elder Vampires Full Movie Hd Download

Meanwhile, the new order under the Waya Corp has the werewolves back on top. There is a feeling of unease as the National ID System rolls out under a new president sympathetic towards Tristan and Supremo. The system identifies humans and supernaturals, potentially compromising the identities the werewolves have carefully guarded for decades. Although Malia prefers the supernaturals to not participate, she is overruled by her council members who do not take her concerns about the threat of a new war seriously, dismissing her fears as irrelevant. Two traitors in the council, Geneva and Soraya, successfully unseat her from the head guardian position on the basis of a mental breakdown. But soon after a vicious vampire onslaught, Malia's powerful wall of protection proves stronger than Supremo's and Tristan's, and the vampires retreat. Apologizing to Malia, the council acknowledges their misjudgment and restore her to her position. Soraya decides to secretly ally with Supremo to betray the Wayas and Malia.

Lia Saves Mateo from Elder Vampires full movie hd download

Portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo (adult) and Erika Clemente (child), the main female character of the series, she is the New Chosen One who defeats the evil vampire marked with the cursed ink, hybrid offspring of Mateo and Lia, and Supremo's enemy. The series follows her path to fulfilling her destiny as protector of the races. After Supremo kills her parents, Malia lives in Manila assuming two identities: Miyo Alcantara (male) and Toni Lumakad (female) to penetrate Supremo's organization. Police assassinate Miyo but she resurrects from the dead with powers stronger than other vampires. She gathers the remnant survivors of the massacre and reorganizes the La Liga Unida. Malia is proclaimed LLU's Head Guardian/Lady Sentinel. Malia strives to protect the three races from the evil of Supremo and restore the peaceful coexistence of the species that her ancestors fought to establish. She does not give up on Tristan and wins him back to their side, successfully averting a war that would end their kind. She gains her full powers when she transforms into a red-caped hybrid combination of werewolf and vampire with powers similar to Jacintha. 350c69d7ab


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